• Alicia
    Boutique Beauties is on PAUSE
    Boutiuque Beauties connected models with boutiques
    with amazing results
  • Amirah
    Boutique Beauties is on PAUSE
    But people being what they are,
    and the internet being what it is...
  • slidebg1
    Boutique Beauties is on PAUSE
    ...our systems were not keeping up with those who
    were not using the site in good faith.
  • slidebg1
    Boutique Beauties is on PAUSE
    So until we decide if and how to move forward,
    we're on "pause."

For Models

Boutique modeling is a great way to get started in modeling. Models provided amazing photos in return for free or discounted handcrafted items from our boutique partners. When everyone acted in good faith, it was a win-win situation!

For Boutiques

Boutiques could afford models and photos that would have otherwise been out of reach as they built their websites and their businesses. They either provided free products to models, or offered a large discount in return for the photos.

Human Nature

Unfortunately, some boutiques were deceptive, and out to simply make profitable sales disguised as bookings. And some models, even experienced ones, would just "disappear" with the products, their payment guarantees becoming invalid.

Boutique Beauties is on "Pause"

We are evaluating whether it is worth the system upgrades and the guarantees we would have to impose to make Boutique Beauties work for everyone while keeping the cost low as we did in the past. We'll post updates to this site and to our Facebook page when we have them.

Contact Us

We can be reached by email at .